Notes on Simple Trading Strategy For Profitability Video by Nebraskan Gooner

  • This is going to be about SMA which means Smoothed Moving Average.
  • Look at price action above or below the 99 SMA
  • If price is above, look for longs. If price is below, look for shorts.
  • Long dips, not tops. If trend is up, look for pullback.
  • Don’t plan on your trades all being home runs
  • “There’s only one move.” Don’t expect them all to be “the one.”
  • High-volume breakout above 99 SMA is your trigger to know that we are now in an uptrend above this SMA
  • To go further with the strategy, just wait and buy the touches to 99 SMA or major support
  • Wait for wicks below first, to avoid the big stop hunt
  • Often a retest is confirmation of a hold. If you don’t get a retest, price could be likely to move back in the opposite direction.

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